Monday, April 19, 2010

It's been too long

Hello Bloggers,
I know it has been too long since I have posted. Life is a tornado some days. It seems that they show up and go for weeks or even almost a month.

I have not been able to create for a while. Simply no time. Activities from family,home church, etc take the front line and everything else falls behind. I haven't even been in the garden yet and we are getting some beautiful weather lately. Have to take some time this week and do a bit of playing in the dirt. I miss it so much.

I made a few cards last night. I managed to get two done. Don't know how that happened but am delighted to have a bit of relaxing, paper play time.
The first card was made for a dear friends birthday. She has been very ill and don't know how much time I will have left with her. I try and make a new card for her every month. She refers to them as a hug from me. How sweet is that statement? Flowers is what she loves most, so this is her card.

Rather simple but that is how she is. She lives a simple, loving life. I hope she likes it.

The second card is for my son's birthday also later this month. He is a antique kinda guy. Loves the old stuff but again simple with fun colors. A guys card is hard! I had such a time, I wanted to add bows and curls and ya know? Well not for a guys card. So plain and ultra simple it is. I did get to distress to at least.

That is about it. I still have some learning to do I know. I am trying to get some of these new techniques in practice. I hope to have time later this weekend. Girls just wanna have fun. LOL
Have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by.:)


  1. Sorry to hear about your friend. That is so sweet sending her a card every month.
    I also have a hard time with male cards.

  2. Thank you Tracy, it is amazing how special a card can be to someone far away.
    I am gonna keep working on the cards in general but want to try some different things for guy cards.

  3. Lovely cards! The first is gorgeous and I am sure your friend will love it. Your son's card is perfect for a guy - doesn't need anything else!

  4. Thank you Mary for always reassuring me and my playtime. You rock girl!

  5. Hi Puddle Jumpers,
    OMG! This flower looks as though it's jumping right off the paper! It's Great! The card below kind of reminds me of a bullseye and it's a wonderfully masculine card! I am always looking for great designs for men's cards since not too many cardmakers seem to want to tackle them. Thanks for the great design and the technique!
    Love your work!

  6. Thank you Bethann, you made my night.
    I want to make more guy cards as I have plenty of guys in my life.
    Thank you for stopping by with the sweet sentiments. It was so nice of you.
    Have a great weekend:)

  7. i'm so sorry about your friend. i hope you have lots of quality time left. your cards are beautiful!

  8. Thank you Becca, How very sweet of you!
    I hope she lives forever. Can't imagine my life with out her.

  9. Both cards are fantastic, but love the masculine one. Simple, yet very masculine! Great job and nice to see you creating again.

  10. hey there - what a beautiful card. I know what you mean on having no time to create. Stinks really doesn't it. I think it's important to take the time - it helps to refuel your mind and spirit. At least for me it does.

    Thanks for the kind words on my blog.


  11. Thank you so much. I hope the guy I made the card for likes it. They are so hard to create for.
    I think I will play in some paper tonight.

  12. Tina,
    Thank you for your kind words as well. Yes it stinks but it is important but hard at the same time. Which should fall behind. Just need to find a way to stop the clock. LOL