Saturday, November 24, 2012

My favorite card I made this year

I thought since I am sharing, I thought I would share my favorite card. I made this for a dear,dear friend for her birthday.

I am still new to coloring. I don't have a ton of copics but working on it, slowly;)
Any tips or direction would be most helpful.

I have done a few more cards this year so far that I like. Here is another one I really liked
For another youtube friend. This is more me, but also reflected her as well

Okay it is late and haven't done the dishes yet. So I best get to it and get to bed. Have a wonderful weekend

Friday, November 23, 2012

The truth shall set you free

Hello Everyone,
I know it has been forever in a day since I have posted. Shortly after my last post my God Mother past away. My mother moved near and I have been busy ever since.

I should be honest with you though( the few that read this blog) and let you all know the real story behind this blog. When I started this blog it was in a hopes of starting fresh. I was not feeling right about anything I was creating at the time, my life, my work, etc. So I started playing with paper. I wanted to forget who I was and reinvent myself. That is what this blog was about. Now that you are laughing I am sure there are times you wonder if you could change something about you what would it be? We all have "stuff". I just wanted to forget the stuff and create.

I found it funny that even though I was trying so hard to be someone new the "real" me was still coming through. It seemed like a lie some days. I don't know what I was thinking to be honest. Just a very hard time in my life. I guess it was a way to runaway. From the stuff that blogs us down. The pending death of my God Mother a remarkable woman was really the hardest part of all of this. I started the card making for her. To cheer her up and then added other cancer patients to the list. I have only done a few cancer cards this year, sadly. I simply haven't had the time that I had hope.
I had to deal with lots more last year.I will save that story for another post.
I have returned to card making and am doing all my cards for Christmas. I will show more on that next post I promise. I have pics to take and such.

So I should tell you all who I am. I am Phillane known in the internet world as Pea. I am a wife, mom to three kids and a new grandmother. I am a artist, dolls,paper, mixed media. I have been published 5 times. I am a caretaker to my mother who had a stroke just 2 weeks ago. I am Whimsical endeavors formally known as Pea Picker's Primitives. I write cloth doll patterns and make videos of paper/mixed media items for youtube. I am BUSY! I love,live and create as much as possible. I have 3 fur babies and a hubby of 31 yrs today. I am me, whimsical endeavors, Pea, Phillane, honey and Puddle jumpers studio too.

So now that you know more I hope you will come back. I plan on featuring my cards here and you can always check out my other blog for stuff too. I don't blog often but I am working on that too. When stuff goes on in my life I start writing and this is my journal of sorts.
I am looking forward to the next chapter of "me" and where it takes me.