Saturday, November 24, 2012

My favorite card I made this year

I thought since I am sharing, I thought I would share my favorite card. I made this for a dear,dear friend for her birthday.

I am still new to coloring. I don't have a ton of copics but working on it, slowly;)
Any tips or direction would be most helpful.

I have done a few more cards this year so far that I like. Here is another one I really liked
For another youtube friend. This is more me, but also reflected her as well

Okay it is late and haven't done the dishes yet. So I best get to it and get to bed. Have a wonderful weekend

Friday, November 23, 2012

The truth shall set you free

Hello Everyone,
I know it has been forever in a day since I have posted. Shortly after my last post my God Mother past away. My mother moved near and I have been busy ever since.

I should be honest with you though( the few that read this blog) and let you all know the real story behind this blog. When I started this blog it was in a hopes of starting fresh. I was not feeling right about anything I was creating at the time, my life, my work, etc. So I started playing with paper. I wanted to forget who I was and reinvent myself. That is what this blog was about. Now that you are laughing I am sure there are times you wonder if you could change something about you what would it be? We all have "stuff". I just wanted to forget the stuff and create.

I found it funny that even though I was trying so hard to be someone new the "real" me was still coming through. It seemed like a lie some days. I don't know what I was thinking to be honest. Just a very hard time in my life. I guess it was a way to runaway. From the stuff that blogs us down. The pending death of my God Mother a remarkable woman was really the hardest part of all of this. I started the card making for her. To cheer her up and then added other cancer patients to the list. I have only done a few cancer cards this year, sadly. I simply haven't had the time that I had hope.
I had to deal with lots more last year.I will save that story for another post.
I have returned to card making and am doing all my cards for Christmas. I will show more on that next post I promise. I have pics to take and such.

So I should tell you all who I am. I am Phillane known in the internet world as Pea. I am a wife, mom to three kids and a new grandmother. I am a artist, dolls,paper, mixed media. I have been published 5 times. I am a caretaker to my mother who had a stroke just 2 weeks ago. I am Whimsical endeavors formally known as Pea Picker's Primitives. I write cloth doll patterns and make videos of paper/mixed media items for youtube. I am BUSY! I love,live and create as much as possible. I have 3 fur babies and a hubby of 31 yrs today. I am me, whimsical endeavors, Pea, Phillane, honey and Puddle jumpers studio too.

So now that you know more I hope you will come back. I plan on featuring my cards here and you can always check out my other blog for stuff too. I don't blog often but I am working on that too. When stuff goes on in my life I start writing and this is my journal of sorts.
I am looking forward to the next chapter of "me" and where it takes me.

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Best Of Intentions.

I had the best of intentions with this blog but sometimes the best intentions end up being that. Plans that don't always happen.
So here is it another year and much time has passed since I have posted. I am sorry about that. Life has a way of taking over. Thank you for not giving up on me totally.

I do have a card to share. I haven't created much in the past year. It is sad really how little I was able to accomplish last year. Someone wise once told me it isn't the quantity that counts it is the quality that counts. I don't know about the quality of my cards but I do my best and that is all I can do. After all still a newbie in my eyes.

This is a birthday card for a dear friend celebrating her birthday. She is very special and loves the copper color. So I jump started from there. Using only what I had on hand. I think it turned out very well. I was inspired by a card by Amy Scheffer's for Verve card. It is stunning and was very inspiring to me.

Here is her card

Her work is always beautiful. I just love the layers she uses in all her cards.
I hope you will check out her blog. She posts way more often then I do but I am going to try and make that more often. Hopefully life/family will cooperate with me.
Have a lovely weekend. I am hoping to create a bit more this weekend.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just a silly little card

I made this card in about 10 minutes and I know it shows. Sometimes just the silly cards are needed to fill space and send a giggle. It went to my dear friend who has done so much for me and needs a little, silly, giggle.
I decided to chalk this image and it turned out okay. I need more practice at everything but it is a learning process right. Adore this pretty paper. Cosmo cricket and one of my new favorites.
I want to work on some more cards this week but duties call. So I hope to be able to play on Sunday.
Thank you as always for stopping by and leaving some love. It is always appreciated.

Monday, April 19, 2010

It's been too long

Hello Bloggers,
I know it has been too long since I have posted. Life is a tornado some days. It seems that they show up and go for weeks or even almost a month.

I have not been able to create for a while. Simply no time. Activities from family,home church, etc take the front line and everything else falls behind. I haven't even been in the garden yet and we are getting some beautiful weather lately. Have to take some time this week and do a bit of playing in the dirt. I miss it so much.

I made a few cards last night. I managed to get two done. Don't know how that happened but am delighted to have a bit of relaxing, paper play time.
The first card was made for a dear friends birthday. She has been very ill and don't know how much time I will have left with her. I try and make a new card for her every month. She refers to them as a hug from me. How sweet is that statement? Flowers is what she loves most, so this is her card.

Rather simple but that is how she is. She lives a simple, loving life. I hope she likes it.

The second card is for my son's birthday also later this month. He is a antique kinda guy. Loves the old stuff but again simple with fun colors. A guys card is hard! I had such a time, I wanted to add bows and curls and ya know? Well not for a guys card. So plain and ultra simple it is. I did get to distress to at least.

That is about it. I still have some learning to do I know. I am trying to get some of these new techniques in practice. I hope to have time later this weekend. Girls just wanna have fun. LOL
Have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by.:)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Emboss resist

Hello Bloggers,
Tried out a new technique this weekend. Yes, I hadn't tried this one yet. I had a blast with this and will give it another try soon. There are so many things to learn yet. Having a ball doing it though. Thanks to all of you very helpful gals in blog land, I am well on my way.

So any helpful hints? Do you see mistakes? If so please let me know, it would help a lot. Still very unsure of my skills as a card maker but it is all in fun right?

Well I got my order from 2 peas today so I am off to play.
Have a good week

supplies-stamps-Stampendous large Agapanthus, Hero arts-friend definition, sentiment-inkadinkado-Kathy Davis-expressions,dragonfly-studio G-series 46
ink- Rangers distress inks-antiq. linen, broken china, tumbled glass
embossing powder-Stampendous-clear-detail
card stock- kraft & cream- paper company, Black-Bazzill
Twine-Walmart- linen

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A little help if you please

Hello Bloggers,
I am at my wits end and I know that someone out there in blog land can help me. I need good stamp storage. Now I know that some do the cd case thing and most of my stamps sets are simply too big for this. I know some do little books but again some of my sets are large and I would like to be able to house them all in one spot. Like a quick shot and see them in a blink as inspiration hits. It must be sturdy and it has to be able to be left out. I need to see it or I won't use it.
Right now I have them in the packaging they came in,placed in clear sheets and it is a nightmare. They fall out, the pages are not sturdy enough to hold them up. The binder is overflowing- a good thing huh? LOL I will be painting my studio a bright, warm color. Doing some decor changes and would like more organization in place. For not being a naturally organized soul I am doing very well I might add. But since attempting organization I do know that I feel better and a lot less stress over not be able to find items until the project is completed.
So please give me your tips and hits for storage. Ribbon is another one, I have too many spools to count and need to be able to fit all of them into one tub.
Thanks so much. Hope to have a card for you tomorrow. I am off to bed now.